The Fall Nuts and Candy Fundraiser Online store is OPEN!

Click the Green button below to access the online store and to purchase nuts and candy with a credit card.  In the "notes to seller" section indicate the student who is to get credit for your order.  PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF ORDERING whether online or in person.

Click HERE to access the Nut Sale order forms. Download these form and email them to your friends and family and co-workers!

Click HERE for a copy of the Order Form cover letter sent home with students.  This includes instructions on taking orders.

Donations are always accepted!!  

** Donations made at the online store are NOT tax deductible.  To make a tax-deductible donation please contact Karla Herman at or go HERE and designate other/fine arts

It’s Nut Sale Time Again!

Kickoff Date:  September 27

Orders Due:  October 18

Orders go home: November 5

v $100 Grand prize for the highest sales overall!

v   Prizes for the top 3 sellers in each school and homeschool!

v Donuts for the top classrooms!

v Every participant will be entered in a drawing for free nut sale items, Play tickets and gift cards!

Ø All proceeds go towards the Fine Arts
For Online Orders Using a Credit Card go to:

Email: for more information 

Want to support the Fine Arts but not buy nuts and candy? Become a Booster Member! Click HERE for the membership form.  Members receive discounts to the High School musicals and plays.  Please bring your membership forms to the high school office on the 3rd floor.




Karla Herman, Nut Sale Coordinator
Carolyn, Maria, Joe - Concert choir, Resounding Joy, Band, Art

Membership Form 2017

WHO are Fine Arts Boosters (FAB)? 

Parents and other members of our school/community who are committed to excellence in fine arts education for K-12 students and join through an annual membership fee.

WHAT does FAB do all year?

FAB coordinates and provides volunteer and financial help for classes, equipment, performances, competitions, exhibitions, and fundraisers as needed by Fine Arts teachers/classes.

WHEN does FAB meet?

Board member meetings are held once a month at Dayton Christian and occasionally out for dinner.  Teacher/student needs as well as upcoming events and performances are discussed. 

HOW are FAB funds generated? 

Through membership fees and the generous donations of sponsors.  Fundraisers are held throughout the year starting off in the fall with the annual Nut Sale.

WHERE do FAB funds go? 

The FAB provides much-needed assistance in areas where government funding falls short.  Each Fine Arts area receives allotted funds, which are used to support their programs/students.  Expenditures made over the past several years include: 

  • Staging for dramatic productions in the Cafeteria, and stipends for the pit orchestra for spring musicals.
  • Bells for Kindergarten/Elementary Music Classes and special programs by the Dayton Philharmonic for Elementary and homeschool classes.
  • A paper cutter, storage files, a portable CD player, and other items for the K-8 art classrooms.
  • Large art desks for the High School art classes
  • A tuba, a French Horn, a bassoon, a new chimes set, and numerous other instruments for the Band program.
  • A new drum set and a trailer to haul equipment for Resounding Joy

FAB has also awarded scholarships to graduating seniors over the past several years.